Why Botox® and Jeuveau™ are the Most Popular Injections

Botox in Glastonbury, CTBotox® has long reigned as the king of injectables, but with Jeuveau™ fresh on the scene, it’s now sharing the immense popularity of Botox® injections. These treatments offer similar formulas, similar prices and similar results – so you may need to discuss them with your provider before choosing one over the other. And if you’re not currently considering one of these treatments, let’s take a look at why these treatments are so popular and why you might want to reconsider.

Preventive & Restorative

Botox® and Jeuveau™ are approved for the treatment of frown lines and crow’s feet, with Botox® being approved for a few additional uses. They stand out among the crowd of injectable treatments because they do something that no other injectable can do – prevent signs of aging. These formulas target nerves in the face, blocking nerve signals that cause your facial muscles to contract and form wrinkles. The immediate benefit is that your face is more relaxed and wrinkle-free. But, by decreasing facial muscular activity, they can also prevent wrinkles from worsening, and even forming in the first place.

Quick, Comfortable and Easy

Botox® and Jeuveau™ have the benefits that most injectables offer: they can be administered within minutes, they have minimal side effects and they produce results quickly. This checks a lot of boxes when it comes to the convenience and satisfaction from treatment. Patients love that they can pop in for a quick treatment session, then return to work the next day and achieve results within a week or two. This also makes it incredibly convenient to maintain your results with repeated treatments. Botox® and Jeuveau™ didn’t become this popular by accident!

Almost Anyone Can Benefit

Botox® and Jeuveau™ are versatile treatments that have a proven history of being safe and effective. Most patients are a great fit for these treatments, making them a cornerstone in any anti-aging protocol. If you would like to learn more about these or other injectables, contact us today at Harold E. Beam, MD Plastic Surgery. We’ll help you schedule your initial consultation and get started with these treatments today!