Rhinoplasty in Glastonbury, CT

If you wish to alter the size or shape of your nose to balance out your face, rhinoplasty may be right for you. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Beam, offers rhinoplasty for patients seeking to fix the way their nose appears in Glastonbury, Hartford, New Britain, New Haven and surrounding areas of Connecticut.

One of the first things people notice about your face is your nose. The size and shape of your nose can have a drastic effect on your overall appearance and alter your self-image, making you feel less than beautiful if the proportions aren’t pleasing. An overly large or oddly contoured nose can draw a lot of unwanted attention for the wrong reasons. Dr. Beam is highly experienced in rhinoplasty surgery, providing you with the opportunity to change the size and shape of your nose to balance out your facial features and improve your appearance.

Many of our patients choose to combine nose surgery with other facial treatments, such as a lip or chin augmentation, to further improve their overall appearance. Dr. Beam can also perform rhinoplasty to improve breathing concerns for patients with a deviated septum, fixing this disruptive health issue once and for all.

What is Rhinoplasty?


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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic or functional procedure that can alter the appearance of your nose to improve the way you look, or to fix issues with breathing that have caused health difficulties and daily annoyances. If you’re unhappy with a large bump on the bridge of your nose, an oddly shaped tip, or nostrils that are too wide, rhinoplasty can correct these issues for improved confidence and self-esteem.

If you have a deviated septum that causes issues like sleeplessness, heavy snoring, and difficulty breathing normally, rhinoplasty can be performed for functional reasons as well. Some patients are born with a deviated septum, and some have had their inner nasal structure negatively altered after an injury or facial trauma. To correct this, Dr. Beam can straighten the septum, allowing you to breathe easily and sleep more soundly than ever before.

What is the Procedure for Rhinoplasty?

The nose job procedure begins with tiny incisions which allow for the removal or addition of cartilage in order to reshape and refine the appearance of the nose. The nostrils can be made smaller depending on the balance of your face, and any bumps in the bridge of the nose can be smoothed out to improve the shape. The tip of the nose can also be refined to your desired profile. The procedure for nose surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on your outcome goals, your ideal aesthetic, and your unique anatomy. Dr. Beam is happy to discuss these concerns with you in person and offer his expert opinion on the best way to reshape and refine your nose to blend beautifully with the rest of your face.

What Can I Expect Before Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Beam makes it a point to meet with each individual for a one-on-one consultation before surgery to discuss expectations, refine the right procedure for you, go over preparation instructions, and answer any remaining questions. You can expect Dr. Beam to thoroughly examine your nasal anatomy and surrounding facial features to create a personalized treatment plan for the best possible outcome. Set up your consultation today to take the first step in achieving the improved, natural-looking nose that’s right for you.

What Can I Expect After Rhinoplasty?

After the incisions are closed, a splint is applied to provide extra structural support and maintain the new shape of the nose. Dr. Beam will ask that you wear the nasal splint for a least a week, and once it is removed, you can usually return to work and your normal routine. Some swelling and bruising may occur and should subside within a couple of weeks. You can wear makeup after the splint is removed to cover any bruising or redness that is still present. Patients typically notice a gradual improvement over several months following surgery until the final permanent look is achieved. For about six months, patients should be extra careful to protect their nose from any potential trauma as well as minimizing exposure to the sun.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Glastonbury, CT?

Dr. Beam and his staff can discuss all pricing and financing options with you at your initial consultation, as the total cost will vary depending on each patient’s customized treatment plan. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is not typically covered by insurance, but we offer a variety of payment options for your convenience. We accept cash, money orders, certified and/or bank checks, major credit cards, and personal checks. We also offer easy financing plans through Prosper Healthcare Lending and CareCredit, so you can afford to have the right procedure to improve your lifestyle today.

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Rhinoplasty FAQs

Yes, the results of your rhinoplasty surgery have the potential to be permanent as the structure of the nose does not change on its own. It’s important to remember that the results of your rhinoplasty can be disrupted with trauma to the nose or face. For this reason, we recommend patients who receive rhinoplasty take extra precautions if they exercise regularly or participate in contact sports.

Dr. Beam and his medical team don’t believe in a perfect age to undergo rhinoplasty. They are happy to provide patients with the results they desire whether they’re 18-years-old or well into their adulthood. Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty are in good general health and have realistic expectations of their desired results.

Following your rhinoplasty surgery, you’ll likely experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness around your nose and eyes. This is normal and typically resolves on its own within a week or two of having your surgery. Dr. Beam will provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions to help you better manage any discomfort you have after your rhinoplasty, and ensure you have a quick and comfortable recovery.

While your rhinoplasty will not structurally change any portion of your face other than your nose, many patients find that the features of their face look slightly different following their surgery. This is because the nose is the central point of the face. When the nose is enhanced to complement the rest of your natural features, you may find that your natural features look enhanced as well.

While most patients are able to make an initial recovery from their rhinoplasty within one to two weeks of surgery, it may take up to six months for all swelling to subside. After six months, the nose will settle into its permanent position and most swelling that may have hardened the nose will fade.

Harold E. Beam M.D. offers cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty to patients in Glastonbury, New Britain, Hartford, New Haven and surrounding areas of Connecticut. Contact Dr. Beam today to schedule your nose surgery consultation!