Cindy Viens


Dean Kloter

Dr Beam,

I want to share my satisfaction and happiness with you and your staff. On July 3rd 2018 you performed surgery on my face to remove a cyst (about the size of an elongated golf ball). It required an incision about 2 inches long, along my ‘smile line’ from the edge of my nose to the corner of my mouth.

The enclosed photo shows the length of the incision and the faintest remnants of the scar. It is virtually indistinguishable! I am ecstatic at these results since it has only been 2 1/2 months since the surgery!

I can undoubtedly say that there is not another surgeon on the planet that could have done a better job…equally maybe, but not better. For a scar to be almost non-existent after such a short time is beyond my wildest expectation!

My heartfelt thanks go out to you, Dr. Beam as well as your fabulous staff, namely Allison, Laurie, and Christina for a procedure (and experience) perfectly done! I am thankful and blessed to have chosen your team to perform this miraculously done cosmetic surgery!

This comes as a 5 star recommendation and my permission to share this testimony with any of your potential clients that may have reservations toward any cosmetic surgery offered by your practice!

Thanks again!

Dean Kloter


Dr. Beam made me feel very comfortable and at ease despite my level of anxiety. Very personalized care.


Very professional. Made me feel very comfortable at all my appointments.


Dr. Beam – I wanted to write a short note to thank you for making this experience a positive one. I have absolute confidence and respect in your abilities. Your staff is always courteous and professional. This shows the high standards you have in your practice. I would recommend you all highly to anyone.