Liposuction After 10 Years: What to Expect in Glastonbury, CT

In the immortal words of Kanye West, you are either considering or already went to the doctor and got “lipo” with your money. You may be wondering if the money you spent on liposuction was worth it; how long do these results last anyway? Below we describe what you can expect 10 years after your liposuction procedure and some of the best practices to maintain your results long-term.

What Will My Liposuction Results Look Like In 10 Years?

Liposuction in Glastonbury CT

The human body has a set number of fat cells that expand or shrink as our weight fluctuates, which explains why we sometimes experience stubborn pockets of fat that won’t disappear regardless of healthy diet and exercise. However, with liposuction, these fat deposits are removed as a cannula suctions them out of the body. Once removed, these fat cells are gone forever and cannot return. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to regain fat in the treated areas. Fat cells that remain are still able to expand during weight gain, producing a fuller figure, albeit in better proportion to the rest of the untreated body. In essence, your results in 10 years depend entirely on whether or not you make the correct choices to maintain them.

How Can I Maintain Long-Term Results?

The most important ways to maintain the results of liposuction are to follow a regular exercise regimen, drink water, make healthy diet choices, and reduce stress. It is important to note that even the healthiest of lifestyles cannot fully pause the aging process. While creating healthy habits can increase the longevity of your liposuction results, your body will still age naturally throughout the course of a decade.

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